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As adventure tour people, we can’t help but love Peru to extremes; it offers diversity of adventure travel experience like nowhere else.

Peru’s outdoors, with its spectacular hiking and world-renowned mountain biking, was what first drew us in. But the longer we stay here, the more excited we get about the human factor: an ancient culture that’s exotic and mysterious yet surprisingly accessible, and a cuisine that’s coming to be recognised as one of the world’s greatest.

Hiking the Inca trail and Machu Picchu will never go out of style, and each of our trips includes expert-guided tours of Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley. Most also include Lake Titicaca. What sets us apart is we take extra time and trouble to show you other aspects of Peru that excite and inspire us, things you won’t see on other tours.

Our Classic tour includes little-visited sites and two different homestays where we hang out with ordinary Peruvians as they go about their daily lives. Our popular Family tour incorporates easy acclimatisation, and plenty of stuff of interest to kids, into any adult’s dream trip to Peru. Our 7-day MTB trip and 12-day Bike trip showcase the best biking in the Southern Hemisphere. And our favourite Peruvian festivals (Quyllur Rit'i, Raymi, and the Paucartambo) take you into a world you never imagined and will never forget, while our Cuisine tour immerses you in this country’s national passion.

Do a trip with us and experience the real Peru.


(for 4 to 12 guests)

The Peru Cuisine Tour

From Lima to Puno

  • Experience Mistura - the greatest food fair in the Americas!
  • Try many of Peru’s 300+ national dishes
  • Eat in fancy restaurants, local homes and roadside stands
  • Produce markets of Lima and Cusco
  • Prepare and eat a Peruvian feast

This is a trip for anyone who enjoys good eating! It’s similar to our Classic trip, with plenty of time exploring Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Lake Titicaca, but replaces the physically active Inca Trail options with food-focused days. On these, we tour the world's most diverse produce markets, take a cooking lesson, eat where the locals do, and spend a day at Mistura, the greatest gastronomic fair on the continent. Throughout the trip we sample Peru’s justly famous cuisine in every setting from back-street stalls to world-famous fusion restaurants.

Day 1Welcome to Lima – let the eating begin!

No gastronomic tour of Peru could start anywhere else – Lima is one of the most passionately ‘foodie’ cities on the planet. We’ll get straight into it today with a lunch that showcases coastal Peruvian cuisine – spicy, seafood-based ceviche is Peru’s most famous national dish, and we’ll sample it at one of Lima’s best ceviche specialist restaurants. In the afternoon we’ll check out the sights of central Lima – historic plazas, churches and gorgeous colonial buildings – before dinner at a peña (traditional theatre restaurant), where we’ll start to get a taste of a folk culture that’s just as rich and diverse as Peru’s gastronomic tradition!

  • Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Lima (Lunch and dinner included)

Day 2Lima, Peru – culinary capital of South America

One of the reasons Peruvian cuisine is so glorious is the diversity of Peru’s produce – from ocean, coast, mountains and jungle – and it all comes together at the Magdalena Market, which we’ll explore this morning.

Later we’ll visit the Larco museum in Pueblo Libre - best known for its collection of ancient erotic ceramics, it’s a great introduction to Peru’s pre-conquest history. In the evening we’ll head for el Circuito Magica de Agua (the magic water circuit – quite indescribable, and one of our favourite sights in Peru), then enjoy Peru’s most popular dish for dinner – pollo a la brasa: tasty, tender chicken roasted on a spit over firewood.

  • Accommodation: Lima hotel (All meals included)

Day 3Mistura!

Mistura is the annual event in Latin American food. We’ll check out mind-bogglingly huge displays of pisco, chocolate, coffee, wines, and exotic Amazonian fruits. Flamboyant cooking demonstrations and hotly-contested competitions will compete for our attention. We’ll taste food prepared by country grandmothers and internationally renowned chefs like Gastón Acurio, Javier Wong, Mitsuharu Tsumura and Rafael Osterling. Today will be a highlight of the trip and a day to remember – come hungry!

  • Accommodation: Lima hotel (All meals included)

Day 4Explore beautiful Cusco

A short flight (not included in trip price – we can assist you to book this) brings us to Cusco (3,300 metres/10,000ft), the capital of the Inca empire and one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. This afternoon your guide will introduce you to the plazas, winding cobbled streets and historic buildings of Cusco’s historic centre, or feel free to rest in the hotel to help you adjust to the altitude.

Dinner tonight will be an introduction to highland Peruvian cuisine – with an international fusion twist!

  • Accommodation: Hotel in Cusco (All meals included)

Day 5Machu Picchu!

An early start and a scenic train ride bring us to Machu Picchu – a peak moment for anyone. A spectacular stone city surrounded by incredibly steep, incredibly green mountains, Machu Picchu needs no introduction and is deservedly one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. A guided tour is a necessary start to orient you in this massive site, then you’ll have all afternoon to explore the ruin and some of the surrounding peaks on your own.

  • Accommodation: Hotel in Aguas Calientes (All meals included)

Day 6Tour through the Sacred Valley

Today’s first stop is Ollantaytambo, a perfectly preserved Inca town with atmospheric cobbled alleyways, sun-drenched plazas and a spectacular, llama-shaped ruin. A short drive through the Sacred Valley (we’ll spend more time stopping to take photos of the incredible scenery than actually driving!) brings us to the noted novo-andino (New Andean fusion) restaurant where we’ll have lunch.

We’ll spend the afternoon in Pisac, another tiny, cobbled Inca village which is home to the largest handicraft market in the region and a huge Inca fortress. We’ll explore both, fuelled by local favourite street snacks like choclo con queso (corn and cheese) and wood-fired empanadas.

  • Accommodation: Cusco hotel (All meals included)

Day 7Free day in Cusco

There are things to do in Cusco to suit every mood and personality: churches, museums, and art galleries; adventure activities like rafting and horse riding, and organised tours. This is also the perfect day to just wander around and enjoy the spectacular mountain views, traditionally dressed locals, excellent cafes and charming architecture that characterise the historic centre of Cusco.

  • Accommodation: Cusco hotel (Breakfast included)

Day 8The South Valley

The Valle Sur, little visited by foreign tourists, is full of quirky sights and a favourite local gastronomic destination. In the morning we’ll visit Oropesa, Peru’s official bread capital. We’ll dine in a garden restaurant in Lucre, followed by a visit to the best cake and ice-cream shop in the region. If you’ve got the space, there are also opportunities to try cuy (guinea pig) and chicharrónes (deep fried pork chunks that are one of our favourite foods ever!). Also on offer today: pre-Inca ruins, amazing churches and wetlands, and the opportunity to have your future read in coca leaves!

  • Accommodation: Cusco hotel (All meals included)

Day 9Full immersion Peruvian cooking day

This morning we'll head to the outskirts of Cusco to shop for ingredients for a feast at the Vinocanchón producer’s market. Then we’ll spend the afternoon and evening cooking and eating a traditional Peruvian meal – loosen your belt!

  • Accommodation: Cusco hotel (All meals included)

Day 10Local life in Raqchi

Today we’ll head to the tiny village of Raqchi, where we’ll explore the enormous ruined Templo de Wiracocacha, one of the main temples of the Inca empire. There’s also time to try our hand at pottery-making – the people of Raqchi are professional potters and will show us how to make a pot on a pedal-powered potter’s wheel.

  • Accommodation: Homestay in Raqchi (All meals included)

Day 11across the altiplano

Today we’re headed for Lake Titicaca, making one very special stop along the way: Lampa. In colonial times, Lampa was one of the richest towns in Peru, thanks to silver mining. These days, llamas graze in the main street and the wind whistles through the arches of the bullfighting stadium.

We’re here for a tour of Lampa’s cathedral – one of the most amazing things we’ve seen anywhere. Among many other marvels, it houses a collection of hundreds of artistically arranged skulls and skeletons – a jaw-dropping sight that inspired Katy to add Lampa to the Lonely Planet Guide to Peru.

  • Accommodation: Hotel in Puno (All meals included)

Day 12Lake Titicaca tour begins

This morning we take to the waters of Lake Titicaca. Our first, brief stop is the very interesting but extremely touristic Uros – the famous floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca. On Amantani Island we’ll head home with our homestay hosts for a lunch of sopa de quinua (quinoa and vegetable soup – so tasty it seems to be more than the sum of its parts). In the afternoon we’ll take on the locals in a game of soccer (which we will inevitably lose), and hike to the top of the island for what may be the most beautiful sunset you’ll ever see.

  • Accommodation: Homestay on Amantani Island, Lake Titicaca (All meals included)

Day 13Textiles and trout on Taquile Island, Lake Titicaca

After breakfast a short cruise across Lake Titicaca brings us to scenic Taquile Island. Here we’ll explore winding island paths across rolling green hills and through idyllic villages, and enjoy stunning views across the lake to the snow-capped peaks of Bolivia to the east. Taquile is the most famous textile centre in the Andes and we’ll learn about colourful, storytelling weavings, before enjoying a lunch of fresh-caught trout in the island’s co-operative restaurant. In the afternoon we return to Puno for a memorable dinner to mark our last night together.

  • Accommodation: Hotel in Puno (All meals included)

Day 14Departure Day

You can book your flight (out of Juliaca, the nearest airport to Puno) for any time today. If you’re staying on in Peru, we’re delighted to help out with suggestions and assistance for the rest of your time here.

(Breakfast included)

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