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Hidden Treasures of Northern PeruPeru

Peru is a kaleidoscope of colours, smells, histories and cultures. Incredible peaks to admire, a few days in Huaraz are bound to revitalise the spirit, followed by a great visit to the Moche civilization, many of these sites are still being excavated and, without a doubt, more will continue to be discovered. Aside Chan Chan and the Lord of Sipán treasures, you will visit the breathtaking Temples of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun in this epic trip.

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The trip in detail

We’ll spend the day exploring Lima’s glorious gastronomy and colourful colonial history.

One of the reasons Peruvian food is so justly famous is the diversity of Peruvian produce. Ingredients from the ocean, mountains and jungle all come together, in almost overwhelming abundance, at the suburban produce market that‘s our first stop this morning.

Lunch will be a tour of the best Peruvian coastal cuisine: you will have options such as causa (avocado and seafood layered between mashed potato – Peru’s answer to lasagne!), ceviche (the most delicious version of raw marinated fish on the face of the Earth) or Tacu Tacu

After lunch we will continue walking to find a great spot one last snack – picarones – a sweet, doughnut-like snack made from sweet potato!

Meals: Lunch included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Lima

This early morning we will drive to Caral, considered as the oldest civilization in the Americas, dominated Peru’s coast from 3000-1800 BCE, we will walk along this ancient urban center , over 150 acres of dry desert, overlooking the verdant Supe valley. The Caral archaeological site is impressively well-preserved , it is possible to observe stone structures such as sunken circular plazas, a 28m-high temple, residential and elite dwellings, and ditches to channel water.

Meals: All meals included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Caral

This Morning we will drive to Anta , where we will make a stop and explore Chavin de Huantar, the capital and ceremonial center for one of Peru’s most sophisticated early cultures: Chavin, developed between the 1500 and 300 B.C.
Afterwards we will continue our journey to Huaraz.

Meals: All meals included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Huaraz

Huaraz is located in the middle of the Callejon de Huaylas, with an elevation of 3,052 m ( 10,013 ft), is known as the Capital of Trekking of Peru since it is home to the Cordillera Blanca, recognized for being the longest tropical snow-capped mountain range with 17 mountain peaks that exceed the 6,000 meters of elevation, more than 500 lagoons, and 722 individual glaciers.

You will need to take your time today in order to acclimatize, walk around the city, and grab a nice coffee while enjoying the views.

*Optional - Not included: We can organize a full-day hike to Laguna 69, a pristine alpine lake tucked away in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, a great way to acclimatize ( you need to book it with advance, minimum 2 people)

Meals: Breakfast included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Huaraz

Today we will drive to Llanganuco, which has two crystalline turquoise lakes, Orconcocha and Chinancocha. Then we will head to Portachuelo Pass from here, we will be able to admire some of the highest mountains of the Cordillera Blanca including Huascaran, Huandoy´s Peak, Pisco, Chacraraju, and Chopicalqui. Finally, we will arrive to Vaquería, where we will begin our trek, walking through small villages, surrounded of verdant Andean flora, snow-capped mountains such as Chacraraju, Taulliraju, finally we will make it to our camp site in the Paria Valley.

Meals: All meals included

Accommodation: Camping on Santa Cruz hike

After breakfast, we begin our ascent towards Punta Union Pass, this trail in pre-Columbian and Colonial times serve as a route for transporting goods from the eastern side of the Andes to the main valley. As we are getting closer to the pass we will see the impressive Taulliraju Mountain, boarder by a pristine glacial lake and bright white glacier, later on, The peaks of Quitaraju, Artesonaju, and Rinrijirca will come into view as well as the two lakes of Ichiccocha and Jatuncocha. From here we will descend to Taullipampa, our second campsite.
Total trekking time is about 7 - 8 hours

Meals: All meals included

Accommodation: Camping on Santa Cruz hike

Today the first section will be hiking down the Santa Cruz Valley, right next to Arhuaycocha valley, with great views of snow-capped mountain peaks, including Alpamayo Mountain. Then we will have the chance to observe the majestic Alpamayo in all its glory. The landscape changes and scree slopes appear on each side of the marshy meadow as well as a smattering of boulders fallen from the eroded walls above us. Finally, we will hike to Llamacorral, for our camp site. Total trekking time is about 6 - 7 hours.

Meals: All meals included

Accommodation: Camping on Santa Cruz hike

Today is our last day hiking, we will walk for about 4 hours by a steep descent that will brings us to Cashapampa, afterwards our private vehicle will take us back to Huaraz; where we’ll take the rest of the day to relax and think about our memorable days surrounded of spectaculars views.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Huaraz

This morning we will take our transportion to Trujillo, we will drive along the Callejon de Huaylas and reach the coastline to meet Chimbote, the capital of fishing and steel. After here we will continue driving for another 2 hours until we make it to Trujillo, where we will spend the night.

Trujillo, the country's third largest city and the most important city on Peru's north coast. This was a site of the great prehistoric Moche and Chimu cultures before the Inca conquest and subsequent expansion. It is considered the "Capital of the Marinera", a traditional dance in Peru, and the "Cradle of the Peruvian Paso horse".

The city center contains many examples of colonial houses and religious architecture, This afternoon take a walk and enjoy its colorful houses and friendly people.

Meals: All meals included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Trujillo

Today we will head out for a full day of sightseeing near Trujillo. We will visit the Huaca de la Luna or Moon Temple, still decorated with well-conserved paintings on the walls, then we will continue to Huaca Arco Iris or Rainbow Temple, named for the mysterious and colorful high reliefs found on its walls.

We will enjoy a delicious local lunch, and continue to Huanchaco, a traditional fishing beach town famous for its totora reed boats, known locally as the "Caballitos de Totora". These boats, made out of the thick and buoyant totora reed, have been used for fishing and surfing for centuries.

From here, continue to the world's largest mud-brick citadel: Chan Chan. This city was once home to 100,000 people of the Chimu culture, with vast buildings, royal palace rooms, and sprawling workshops to house the city's artisans.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Trujillo

This morning, we will set off to Chiclayo in the nearby region of Lambayeque. Along the way, we will stop at the archaeological site of El Brujo. Believed to have been inhabited by humans for roughly 5,000 years, the site is mainly associated with the Moche culture (100-700 CE). This 98-foot-tall adobe pyramid is famous for the discovery of the tomb of the Lady of Cao, also known as the Lady of Tattoos. Her tomb was the first female Peruvian mummy to be discovered dressed as a warrior and buried in a manner similar to the male aristocratic warriors, and her discovery changed perceptions of women in pre-Hispanic societies.

Finally we will arrive to Chiclayo, where we will spend the next two nights.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Chiclayo

This morning we will drive to Chiclayo, at our arrival we will visit the museum and the pyramids at the Túcume Archaeological Complex, the location of the last capital of the pre-Inca kingdoms of Lambayeque and Chimú. Spanning 220 acres, this complex is one of the principal pre-Hispanic conquest monuments in the north and contains fascinating architectural features such as patios and canals.

After lunch, head to the Museum Tumbas Reales, or Museum of the Royal Tombs, in Lambayeque, located just outside of Chiclayo. This museum contains a wealth of archaeological treasures buried with the pre-Inca Lord of Sipan. In 1987, when the tomb of the Lord of Sipan was discovered, it was compared in opulence and detail to the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt. Finally we will drive back to Chiclayo.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch included

Accommodation: Comfortable hotel in Chiclayo

We will get you to the airport in time for your flight to Lima and from there you can connect with your international flight back home.

Thank you for travelling with us – you will have had a brilliant time exploring the North of Peru with us!

Accommodation: Breakfast included

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