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Our Peru Biking trip voted top 12 trips for 2012!

5 January 2012, by Steve Wilson

We're really excited to announce that our Peru mountain biking trip has been voted as one of the top 12 inspiring trips to do in 2012!

The list was compiled by UK-based company "Much Better Adventures", and we feature in September as they take you month by month through inspiring adventures across the world. We're totally over the moon and honored to be included in the list, and can't wait til September rolls around so we can run the trip!

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Steve Wilson is the co-founder and director of Aspiring Adventures, an adventure tour company running award-winning trips to Peru and other destinations. Find him on Google+ and Facebook. As well as running adventure tours, Steve is also an avid mountain biker, snowboarder and paraglider.

Our Peru Biking trip voted top 12 trips for 2012!