Lush green valley and active volcano seen from a private Peru tour to Colca Canyon

Your perfect trip

Creating special, custom, private Peru tours is our speciality. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so dream big and aim high! Whatever you want, we can make it happen.

Open your mind

To arrive at a precisely perfect result, we start with the broadest of questions:
What are you into? People? Places? Activities? History? The outdoors? Why Peru? What draws you here? Inca ruins? Charming colonial townships? A living folk culture that’s like no other? Amazon jungle? Andes mountains? World famous cuisine? All of the above? Who are you sharing this experience with? Where do you fall on the spectrum between relaxation and activity, between luxury and roughing it, between city and country, culture and nature?

Peruvian family riding on the back of a tiny truck through a spectacular mountain landscape

Start the conversation

Aspiring Adventures’ co-founder, Steve Wilson, is here to listen – to the answers to all the questions we posed above, and to all and any other thoughts that come to you as you tell him about your dream trip to Peru. Steve will listen and ask questions until he understands exactly what your trip needs to be.

Aspiring's co-founder Steve Wilson is here to help you plan your private Peru tour

Perfect the plan

Planning your private tour of Peru with us is a kind of alchemy. Your personal vision and our knowledge of Peru come together to fuse a unique experience. Based on your initial ideas, Steve will come up with a first-draft itinerary outline.

You’ll look it over and tell him what you think. He’ll refine the plan. You’ll communicate back and forth with him – by phone or email, whichever works best for you – until you can’t imagine any way your itinerary could be more perfect. Then you’ll book your trip with us.

Co-founder Katy Shorthouse and guide Aldo Sanchez managing one of our private Peru tours


Once you book your trip, Steve will hand you over to our other co-founder, Katy, who heads up our small Peru on-ground team and is here to make sure your trip unfolds exactly as planned, surpassing all your expectations along the way. She is your main point of contact from now until the start of your trip. She’ll write to introduce herself and send you a detailed written itinerary and extensive travel information. She’ll stay in touch to answer any questions that arise, and provide expert assistance with any arrangements outside your trip, or anything else you need.

She’s there any time you need her, only an email away – and once you’re on your way to start your trip, on the end of the phone too. Once you land in Cusco, she’s only a few minutes away – but from this point on, you’ll be too busy having a fantastic time in Peru to give her a thought!

Aspiring guest Elke in the thick of the action on our Paucartambo cultural tour in Peru


Once you’re with your Aspiring Adventures guide and your tour is underway, everything else just falls away. Our guides are the best in the business, and we’ve handpicked yours to match your group. Your trip is packed with the places, activities and experiences you selected. Our small behind the scenes team are all working to make sure everything runs seamlessly.

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and ours: your bespoke, one-of-a-kind, unforgettable adventure in Peru.

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Check out a few examples of past private Peru tours - we’ve run everything from community service trips for teenagers, to farming-focussed technical tours, to family camping trips, to gastronomic honeymoons – to name just a few!

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