Klever guides one of our Peru small group tours through his home village, Cachiccata


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around 10 days

Classic Colombia

from $4,790

Gorgeous climate, lush green scenery, dynamic cities built on culture, coffee, and gold

COLOMBIA / 14 days

Classic Peru

from $4,990

Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Arequipa and Colca Canyon

PERU / 14 days

Colombia in Style

from $8,590

Eat at Michelin-hatted restaurants, stay in a private village and an exclusive Caribbean island resort, ride planes, boats, helicopters, jet skis, flyboards and parasails.... and that's not all!

COLOMBIA / 12 days

Peru Family Adventure

from $3,990

The fun and adventure kids crave, the culture and history parents want, and the flexibility families need - our family tour has it all!

PERU / 12 days

Colombia Family Adventure

from $3,990

River tubing and waterfalls in the Pacific, world famous beaches in the Caribbean, plus biking and cable cars in Bogotá, the city of children!

COLOMBIA / 11 days

Classic Bolivia

from $3,490

Sucre, Potosí, the Salar and La Paz: Bolivia’s bizarre and beautiful highlights

BOLIVIA / 11 days

Peru in Style

from $8,890

Peru is great for luxury travelers. Here we showcase the best five-star plus accommodations, trains, restaurants and experiences.

PERU / 11 days

Hiking Paradise Peru

from $2,490

Rainbow Mountain, Huchuy Qosqo, Salkantay, and more… Cusco’s offers endless, world-class hiking!

PERU / 11 days

Bolivia Family Adventure

from $3,190

Meet dinosaurs and pink river dolphins in the high Andes and the Amazon jungle!

BOLIVIA / 10 days

Hike Choquequirao to Machu Picchu

from $2,490

Peru’s most iconic trek: seriously long and challenging, between the two greatest Inca ruins

PERU / 10 days

The Road to Lake Titicaca

from $2,790

The ultimate bowler-hatted, coca-chewing, otherworldly High Andean adventure, on the fabled road from Cusco to La Paz.

PERU, BOLIVIA / 10 days

The Road to Lake Titicaca

from $2,790

The ultimate bowler-hatted, coca-chewing, otherworldly High Andean adventure, on the fabled road from Cusco to La Paz.

PERU, BOLIVIA / 10 days

Massive Multisport Adventure

from $2,990

Bike, paddle, hike, swim, zipline and climb, in the Sacred Valley and high-jungle Quillabamba!

PERU / 9 days

Taste of Peru

from $2,490

Peru has been named the world's leading gastronomic destination in the World Travel Awards for eight years running. Let us show you why!

PERU / 8 days

Bolivia in Style

from $3,990

Discover La Paz and the Salar de Uyuni in five star comfort

BOLIVIA / 8 days

Classic Galápagos

from $3,290

Enjoy the very best of the Galapagos Islands!


Bolivian Jungle and Pampas

from $890

Pampas and jungle - double the biodiversity and double the fun!

BOLIVIA / 7 days

Manu adventure

from $1,590

Manu is the ultimate Amazon jungle trip: remote, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely for us!

PERU / 5 days

Caribbean Island Getaway

from $1,990

You know that dream? Fancy bungalow, private pool, on the beach right between the rainforest and the Caribbean? This is it.

COLOMBIA / 4 days

Uyuni Salt Desert

from $1,190

The world’s weirdest, most wonderful desert

BOLIVIA / 4 days


from $1,190

July 15-18 every year
We’re pioneers of Paucartambo, sharing the Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen with international travelers since 2009.

PERU / 4 days

Quyllur Rit’i

from $890

Mind-blowing, otherworldly cultural encounter, once a year in the remote high Andes

PERU / 3 days

Whale Watching

from $140

Fron mid-July to mid-October, Cali's Pacific coast is the world's best base for seeing mothers train their baby whales to swim!

COLOMBIA / 1 day

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