Why does Peru have the best adventure tours?

About our adventure tours of Peru

About our adventure tours of Peru

As adventure tour people, we can’t help but love Peru to extremes; it offers diversity of adventure travel experience like nowhere else.

Adventure tours in Peru

It was Peru’s outdoors, with its spectacular hiking and world-renowned mountain biking, that first drew Katy to move here in 2004. By now we know there’s so much more to do in Peru.

The Inca trail, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca are just the tip of the iceberg.

On our tours of Peru, we take extra time and trouble to show you other aspects of the place that excite and inspire us – experiences only our trips include, the extra touches that make them the best tours of Peru there are.

It’s not that we won’t show you the famous sights. It’s what we do between them that sets us apart: eat where the locals do, make ceramic pots and ceviche, explore forgotten catacombs, soak in isolated natural hot springs, stay in family homes, climb waterfalls, go fishing… whatever there is to do that’s fun!

Our favourite thing of all is the human factor: an ancient culture that’s exotic and mysterious yet surprisingly accessible, and a friendly, open people who are delighted to share it all with you if you know how to ask them right.

Our Peru small group adventure tours are about getting under the skin of the place, connecting with real people, and experiencing how life is lived here in Peru. If you don’t like the sound of that, our tours are not for you.

Many visitors are keen to “do” Peru in a week or 10 days. We urge you to stay longer. Give this place the time it deserves – there’s a lot more to it than you have been led to believe by clichéd images of a ruin with a llama and a man in a poncho playing El Condor Pasa on a pan pipe. If you come with us, we will show it to you.

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