Small group tours are better by definition!

Why small group tours are better

Why small group tours are better

Small groups work better for our style of trip, and personal contact and connections are the foundation of our philosophy.

Small group tours Peru

We choose to stay small – both in our groups (generally the maximum is 12, though of course we can run trips for more if you wish), and in our team.

For a guest looking for an authentic experience, small is definitely better. For example, you can’t turn up with 20 people to stay in a real local home on a regular basis (well, you can, but it’s no longer real).

Small group tours are more flexible, and our guides are expert (and trusted) enough to make changes on the fly to tailor your trip and make it even more incredible in reality than it reads on the itinerary.

We didn’t get into this to create some massive empire and enjoy panoramic boardroom views and long lunches. We enjoy working hands-on, in day-to-day contact with individual guests and trips on the road. We like knowing you personally – from that first contact with Steve, through a planning process that sometimes lasts months, through the trip of a lifetime to your ecstatic trip review and vow to come back soon.

Same goes for our team: we keep it small so we can be in personal contact with everyone. We’re accountable for everything that happens on our trips, so we need to be involved. Our team is small, committed, expert, engaged, and in constant communication - across three different countries! – because that’s how we like it.

Finally, the reason for our small, random list of destinations: it’s that these are the places we know well and love best. We have to be under the skin of the place ourselves to be able to take you there. We won’t settle for a generic tour, or one that we don’t know intimately ourselves.

Whether you’re working or travelling with us, the bottom line is maximising human experience: growing together, and having an awesome time doing it. And we reckon that works better keeping it small.

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