Flights to Vanuatu

Flights to Vanuatu

Flights to Vanuatu

Useful information about getting to and from Vanuatu.

There are many international airlines with scheduled departures to Port Vila, Vanuatu (the capital

city). The airport is known as the Bauerfield International Airport. We can make arrangements for

you at one of our preferred Port Vila hotels if you require accommodation there.

Generally our Vanuatu trips start in Santo and finish in Port Vila (please see the itinerary of your

trip for full details). Direct flights between Port Vila and Santo take about one hour (or slightly

longer if the plane has a stopover on another island on the way).

Below we’ve listed some basic details about getting to and from Vanuatu. If you’d like any further

assistance please let us know – we’d be happy to help!

Common Airport Codes:

Port Vila: VLI

Espiritu Santo: SON


Pentecost (Lonorore): LON

Brisbane: BNE

Sydney: SYD

Auckland: AKL

Flights from North America:

Depending on where you live, you’ll likely travel via Los Angeles or San Francisco, enroute to Port

Vila, transiting in either Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney or Brisbane (Australia).

Airlines travelling to Vanuatu include: Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin Blue and Air Vanuatu.

Please contact your local flights agent for more details about the best flights from your area, and

feel free to contact us for any advice. To compare prices on the web before contacting your local

flights agent, we find these sites really useful:




From Australia:

The most direct way to get to Vanuatu from Australia is to fly from: Brisbane -> Port Vila (3

hours). Other departure locations include Sydney, and it’s often possible to fly direct into Santo.

From New Zealand:

The most direct way to get to Vanuatu from New Zealand is to fly from: Auckland -> Port Vila

(3.25 hours).

From Europe:

The most direct way to get to Vanuatu from Europe is to fly via Asia to Sydney or Brisbane

(Australia) before connecting with a flight from there to Vanuatu.

There are a number of airlines that fly to Australia from Europe including Lufthansa, British

Airways, Iberia Airlines, Air France, KLM, Air New Zealand, Qantas etc. For more information,

please contact your local flights agent, and feel free to ask us for any assistance.

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