Visas for Myanmar

Visas for Myanmar

Visas for Myanmar

To enter Myanmar, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after your departure from Myanmar.

You need a visa to visit Myanmar, unless you are from one of these countries: Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, China and India.

Here are the steps to apply for a tourist visa to Myanmar:

1. Load a passport-style photo of yourself onto your laptop or other device – you need this to include in your visa application.

2. Wait for us to advise you of the name and address of our trip-start hotel in Yangon (we will do this at least one month before the trip starts, and we'll remind you about this visa process then too) – you need to include this in your visa application. Do not apply for your visa too early: the period for visa validity (i.e. your Myanmar entry date) may range from one to three months.

3. Apply online for a tourist visa, at (This is the official government website. Other sites offer the same service and charge more. Use this site.)

4. Once you complete the application and pay for it online with credit card or Union Pay (US$56 at time of writing), you will be emailed an approval letter within a week. You need to print this out and bring it with you.

5. When you enter Myanmar, customs officials will take the letter from you and stamp your passport with your visa. They won’t charge you anything.