It’s helpful to be able to speak a little for ordering in restaurants and getting around… and the locals are patient and friendly - it’s worth giving it a go!

Seventy percent of Myanmar’s population speak Burmese as their native tongue, and just about everyone else speaks it as a second language, so it’s by far the most useful of the 130 languages spoken in the country.


Good morning / Good evening : Mingalarbar

How are you? : Min nay kow lar?

Fine, thank you, and you? : Kow par deh min yaw

I understand : Ngar nar lae par deh

I don't understand : Ngar nar ma lae bou

Sorry : Ngar taung pan par deh

Goodbye : Tat tar

Yes : Hoe tale

No : Ma hoe bou

Thank you very much : Jay zu tin bar deh

Excuse me : Jay zu pyu jouer

My name is... : Ngar nam mae ka … phit par deh

You're welcome : Ya bar deh

Have a nice day ! : Kyaung thaw naye lae phit par sae

How much is it? : Dar be lao le ?

Can you lower the price? : Zay shot pay bar lar?

I would like to buy ... this one! : Ngar … wal chin deh

I like it / I don't like it : Ngar jayi tal / Ngar ma jayi bou

Where is ...? : Bae nae yar lae…?

Bank : Ban

Hospital : Sayyon

Straight ahead : Tet tet twar

Left / Right : Bey / Nyar

One, two, three, four, five : Tit, nit, thone, lay, ngar

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten : Chauk, khone, shit, koe, tasae

One hundred : Ta yar

What time is it? : Bae na naing yi shi pi lae?

Cheers! : Chiyars

I am vegeterian : Ngar that that lo pae sar bar deh

I am allergic : Ngar mhar ded ma tae tat yaw gar shi deh

Sea food : A kye khon par tat ngar

Peanuts : Miye pae

Gluten : Ka si de

I would like... : Ngar … lo chin deh

Water : Yeé

The bill, please : Bill pay bar

Where can I find the restrooms? : Eain thar bae mhar lae ?

I'm lost : Ngar lan pyauk nay loe

Help! : Kunyi kya par ohn