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How our post-pandemic trips work

How our post-pandemic trips work

Peru's borders are open, and so are our arms! Here's everything you need to know about post-pandemic travel to Peru.

Last updated: January 14, 2021

The latest:

As of January 3, everyone entering Peru has to do a 14 day quarantine! We hope and believe this measure will be revoked within weeks so we are proceeding to book trips from March onwards as normal. If you book a trip with us and decide not to take it because of this quarantine, or we can't run the trip for other pandemic-related reasons, we will refund you or put 100% of your payment towards a future trip!

The Peruvian government has introduced a range of Biosecurity protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through tourism, and here at Aspiring Adventures we are of course implementing these. We also monitor our suppliers – transport, accommodation, restaurants, archaeological sites and more – to make sure they’re following all the protocols that apply to them.

It’s all pretty straightforward actually, ‘nothing from another world’ as we say in Peru. In fact, in some respects the new rules make travel to Peru better than ever - specifically, limits on numbers at crowded sites. Machu Picchu’s daily limit has been cut from 2500 guests to 675! Visitors in the next few months will experience Machu Picchu in a peaceful, private way which has not been possible for the past many years!

International travel, and indeed life in general, are also affected by COVID-19 measures. Here is everything you need to know about their impact on your trip to Peru.

Getting to Peru

Things may change over the next few weeks and months (and if they do, it’s likely to be for the better, as things calm down). Remember, we’re here to help you navigate your way through these requirements!

These are the three things you need to board a flight to Peru:

1. The Peruvian government’s Health and Geolocation online statement

• Complete this 72 hours before departure, print it and bring a copy with you.

• US citizens should choose EE.UU. (Estados Unidos) under the Nationality field

2. Negative COVID-19 molecular (eg PCR) test result

• Must be issued within 72 hours of the first flight departure time

• You may need to either attach the result to the Health and Geolocation statement, or show it to an official in Lima airport, or both

3. Face mask PLUS face shield (full-face, visor style)

Both mask and face shield must be worn on flights into and within Peru

During your time in Peru with Aspiring Adventures

• You must wear a face mask at all times you are in public in Peru (it’s up to you to provide these, though of course we’ll have a few spares)

• You must step on each ‘pediluvio’ (disinfecting shoe mat) you pass over

• If you sneeze or cough, stifle this with your elbow, not your hand

• We are required to take your temperature (with an infrared, no-contact thermometer) twice a day

• We will disinfect outside surfaces of your luggage each time we load it into the vehicle

• You must maintain distance of 1.5 metres outside, and 2 metres inside, from anyone not in your travel group (‘social bubble’)

• You must not touch anyone not in your travel group (‘social bubble’)

• We will disinfect all items you hand us or we hand you (including bikes, camping gear, papers – anything)

• We need you to use the same equipment that we provide (eg bike, helmet, sleeping bag, tent) throughout the trip, not share or swap gear. We will make sure you can clearly identify the gear that’s been assigned to you.

• All our guides carry alcohol spray and this is available to you to use as often as you wish. You must use the alcohol spray, or wash your hands with soapy water for 20 seconds minimum, any time you sneeze, cough, eat, or enter a vehicle. Many activities and sites require you to wash or disinfect your hands there too.

• Some sites we visit have further specific requirements. Your guide will keep you fully informed of these.

Guides are obliged to monitor guests for high temperatures and other symptoms. If anyone presents as a suspicious case of COVID-19 (due to elevated temperature and/or symptoms) at any point on the trip, the guide will isolate them from the group and organise for them to be tested. If they test positive, unless otherwise indicated by doctors, they will need to quarantine for 14 days (we will help organise accommodation if this is needed) and will not be able to continue with the trip.

You need to make sure your travel insurance covers illness, treatment and quarantine costs, and trip interruption due to COVID-19.


To fly into the USA, as into Peru, you need a negative COVID test result, issued no more than three days before you fly in to the USA. We will organize this for all of our guests who require it, incorporating it into the last three days of your trip. The cost of the test will fall to you. Test costs have varied a lot over the course of the pandemic but as of right now, you’re looking at $50 for the rapid test (which is all that is required) or $150 for the molecular or PCR test.

Again, if you test positive you’ll be required to complete a 14 day quarantine in Peru.

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