The images on our website

The images on our website

31st of August 2017 - written by Katy Shorthouse

The images on our website

You know you have an incredible photo archive when images like these don't make the cut!

The images on our website

Over the last few weeks, we've revised our website and changed a whole bunch of images, to better showcase the places we go, the people we meet, and the incredible photos we have of them.

In eight years running Aspiring, and six more before that of living in and visiting Peru, Steve and I have amassed a fairly huge backlog of photos. Most of mine are average at best. Steve has taken an interest in photography and watching his photos get better and better over the years has been a pleasure as a viewer, not to mention great for our website!

We've also been fortunate enough to get many beautiful images from our guests, guides and friends.

The images on our website

It ends up we have more than 10,000 photos at our disposal! Trawling through them and fitting them to the website was a huge mission, and we are so spoilt for choice that all these absolute beauties you see here did not make the cut - can you believe it! They're so gorgeous I just had to jam them into the website somehow, so here they are!

Photo credits:

Image on the little box that brings you from other pages to this page: Steve Wilson (co-founder)

The images on our website

Big image at the top of the page: me! (Katy Shorthouse, co-founder)

Images within text:

1: Luis Portal (guide)

The images on our website

2: Lisa McClendon (friend)

3. Luis Portal (guide)

4. Steve Wilson (co-founder)

The images on our website

5. Lisa McClendon (friend)

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