Why Myanmar?

Why Myanmar?

15th of August 2019 - written by Katy Shorthouse

Why Myanmar?

We’re very enthusiastic about our newest destination.
Here's why we're so pumped about Myanmar (Burma)!

Why Myanmar?

Irrepressible jungle, growing up through colonial mansions, eerie, empty eight-lane highways, and ruins that rival Machu Picchu.

Street food strolling through buzzing tropical city nights.

Omnipresent otherness. Buddhas bigger than buildings, smiling down on goldsmiths, floating farmers, and teenage monks.

All this, plus Myanmar’s unique status as the ultimate frontier in travel, completely isolated from the world until less than a decade ago, makes Myanmar ring my personal travel bell.

Then Richard, a free-roaming Kiwi who guides all over the world, including with us in Peru, told me about his travel passion, Myanmar. He loves the people, loves watching the place change before his eyes as it joins the 21st century, having effectively skipped the 20th.

Most of all, he loves taking travellers there, because he passionately believes it helps his beloved Burmese people move towards better lives.

And so, it all came together:

Aspiring is growing up, and we want to take our trips to new places.

My itchy feet are back – after eight home-based years raising Nina, both she and I are ready for some serious travel. We’ll be joining one of the first two trips.

Richard is perfect. He’s guided Aspiring trips, he shares our travel philosophy, and – most importantly – his passion for Burma rivals our passion for Peru. With him guiding, we know we can run Aspiring trips in Myanmar.

Myanmar is exotic, beautiful, and known for its friendly, open people: it’s the perfect place to run the kind of trip we're about.

We're going to Myanmar to delve deeper, to make real connections with local people, to experience daily life: to take you into the picture.

Myanmar Revealed.

See you there!

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Why Myanmar?

We’re very enthusiastic about our newest destination. Here's why we're so pumped about Myanmar (Burma)!

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