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Sneak a peek at what goes on behind the scenes and what moves us. In Katy’s case, it’s mostly discovering new places to enjoy Peru’s gastronomy. For Steve, it’s a handy place to keep track of our ever-growing swag of awards. Sometimes our guests share their experiences. Sometimes it’s updates on our trips, our personal travels, and our growing families. It’s random and personal - like us!

Peru – the Mountain Biking promised land?

Described as one of the most difficult, yet beautiful one-day mountain running races in New Zealand, the Motatapu Adventure race held each March is not for the faint hearted!

posted by Katy Shorthouse

Peru travel experts share Machu Picchu memories

When LivingInPeru.com were looking for famed travel writers to share their favourite Machu Picchu stories, they reached out to Rafo León, Peter Frost, Marisol Mosquera and, of course, Katy Shorthouse!

posted by Katy Shorthouse

Trekking in Peru - so much more than just the Inca Trail

Peru is one of the world’s great trekking destinations, and it is riddled with trails.

posted by Katy Shorthouse

Our Lonely Planet Peru connection

In March 2009, Katy was approached by the travellers’ bible, Lonely Planet, to update the Cusco and Lake Titicaca sections of its Peru guidebook.

posted by Steve Wilson

Much Better Adventures!

We are delighted to have been approved as full members of muchbetteradventures.com, a carefully selected collection of adventure providers who have a strong ongoing commitment to sustainability.

posted by Steve Wilson

Volunteering - Who Benefits?

Cusco, high in the Peruvian Andes, has long been a tourist hub as the gateway to Machu Picchu. Over the last twenty years or so, the whole area has boomed as a tourist destination, thanks to breathtaking mountain scenery, Inca heritage, and perhaps most of all, the chance to observe a way of life that seems to come from another time.

posted by Katy Shorthouse

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